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Lab Report Help

So you’re in science class and you just completed an experiment. Now you’re being required to write up a report for review by your teacher. You created and completed a successful experiment; you acquired valuable data, and have effectively drawn viable conclusions from all that data. How on earth are you supposed to translate all of that?

So what is the big deal with writing lab reports anyway? Besides them being an assignment given to you by your teacher, writing a lab report is important. Science lab reports allow the broader scientific community into the experimentation and investigate of particular scientific hypothesis and to see if these findings aid or negate previous conclusions.

Any Scientific Field of Study: Chemistry Lab Report and Others

When writing a lab report, your teacher will have to objectives in mind: One, to gather the information that is presented from the experiment, and two, to legitimize the findings of the study. Whether it’s a chemistry lab report or another scientific field of study, a successful lab report will strive to fulfill these two objectives. And every lab report contains this basic format:

  • Experiment Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Experiment Results
  • Experiment Discussion

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